Wedding Details                                              

What you need to know

In order to be married at St. Colman’s Outdoor Church, either the bride or the groom must be a Catholic.  You need to begin the process for getting married in the Catholic Church with your pastor.  You priest will guide you through the steps you will need to take.

Catholic marriages are conducted by a Catholic priest or deacon who is responsible for filling out all paperwork required by the Church and will see that the requirements for marriage preparation and instruction have been fulfilled.

• Our parish priest is not available to preside at your ceremony. You will need to ask a priest or deacon of your choice. this rural parish.

• Visiting clergy are asked to abide by all policies and requirements of the St. Elizabeth’s Parish and the Diocese of Santa Rosa.

• All paperwork must be provided to St. Eizabeth’s Parish office prior to your wedding.

Requirements for a Catholic Marriage
  Contact your pastor or the priest or deacon who will preside at your wedding.  

  Contact the church of your Baptism and request your Baptismal Certificate with all notations on the back.

  Have the Baptismal Certificate sent to your priest or deacon within 6 months of your wedding.

  Complete the Marriage Preparation Program required by your diocese.

  If either person has been married before, resolve additional issues before setting a date for your Catholic ceremony. These issues must be resolved before proceeding with your wedding plans.

Interfaith Marriages
If one of the parties is Catholic, and the other is not, the marriage ceremony usually will be celebrated in the context of a Liturgy of the Word rather than in the context of a Mass.  The non-Catholic party may invite his or her minister to participate in the ceremony.

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