Frequently Asked Questions

Note:  There is no electricity available at the outdoor church.  If you want to amplify the ceremony and vows and/or the music, you will have to secure a charge-able amp, your own microphones and mic stands.  Sound-system equipment can be rented at Stanroy Music Center in Santa Rosa.  Call Steve Shirrell at 707-545-4827.

Q:  What is the outdoor-church rental donation?
The donation to use St. Colman’s Outdoor Church for your wedding is $750.  Your date will be saved when we receive the full $750 and the signed Use Agreement.  Your donation is fully refundable up to 30 days before your wedding, after which time it is forfeit.  

Q:  What’s included?
A:  The donation allows the use of the church and the parking lot.  In addition, the church community has provided for a porta-potty at the site. 

Q:  What is the capacity of the outdoor church?

A:  The seating capacity of the outdoor church is approximately 250.  There is a small parking lot at the church with a capacity of around 50 cars.  For more, carpooling is recommended.

Q:  What do I need to supply to the site?
A:   Since our little mission church does not have staff or equipment to assist with your wedding, you will be responsible for providing all items needed for the ceremony, including:

• An altar cloth

• The readings

• The Sacramentary

• Hosts

• Wine

• Chalice  

• Vestments

• Battery-operated sound system & mics

(Remember the rings!!  ;)

You will also need to set up before and tear down the altar afterwards.  We also ask that you clean up the church and leave the site as you found it.

Sound-system equipment can be rented at Stanroy Music Center in Santa Rosa.  Call Steve Shirrell at 707-545-4827.

Q:  Are there any other donations?
A:  If you use our local priest to officiate your wedding, we will ask for a $950 fee rather than $750 to ensure that the officiant is compensated for travel, time and expenses.

Q:  Do I need insurance coverage?
A:  Yes.  A Facility Use Agreement that must be signed and returned to us can be found in the Other Info section of this site.  This agreement states that St. Elizabeth’s Parish must be named as a co-insured party on an insurance policy.

Q:  Is there a bride’s changing area:
A:  There is no bride’s changing area.

Q:  What is the length of the aisle?
A:  The distance from the back pew to the front pew is 55’;  to the altar is 60’.

Q:  What are the dimensions of the altar, so I can find a cloth for it?
A:  The altar stone is 8’ 3 1/2” (eight feet three-and-a-half inches) wide, not including an overlap at each end),  25 1/2” deep, and 3’ tall in the back and 6” tall in the front.

Q:  How much time is allocated for the rehearsal?
A:  You can schedule your rehearsal the day before your wedding, and there is no time limit.  Knock yourselves out. ;)

Q:  Can I move things around and decorate to suit my purposes, or do I have to leave everything as is?  Are there decoration guidelines/restrictions?  Can I use real candles?
A:  You cannot move the benches, pews, crucifix or altar;  you can add whatever you want for decorations;  you can use real candles.

Q:  Is it possible to start the setup the day before?  How much time will I have for décor setup?
A:  There is no security to protect your setup, if you decorate the day before.  This is a rural area, and no law enforcement patrols the road near the church.  Setting up in the morning of the wedding is recommended.

Q:  What happens if it rains on the my wedding day?
A:  If it rains on your wedding day, you are welcome to move the wedding to our indoor church, located half a mile up the road at 6245 Cazadero Highway.  If moving to the indoor church becomes necessary, someone from the church will assist you.  

Q:  Is there a place on the premises or in the area for a reception?
A:  There is no place for a reception at the outdoor church.  Other venues for receptions, rehearsal dinners and lodging are available on the Cazadero Weddings website (, or call Susan at 831-332-6416 for more information.

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